June 2020

A special message from Toni Carmine Salerno

Blue Angel Publishing stands with you in the fight to end racism in all its forms.

I have observed the events that have transpired over the past weeks with great sadness. My thoughts and prayers have been directed to all that is occurring in the USA, here in Australia, and globally, with the intention that all of humanity may find peace and justice and come to see the light and love in themselves and all sentient beings. I know thoughts and prayers alone are not enough. However, I do believe that we are all spiritually/energetically connected and the quality of our thoughts, intentions and prayers can help transform ourselves, our lives and our planet. Our primary vision, intention and purpose have always been inclusion. We are constantly looking for ways to build and sustain a more inclusive world. My personal dream is for Blue Angel to connect with artists, authors, musicians, designers, editors, spiritual and creative people from diverse backgrounds around the world, to bring their message to a global audience. We have always connected and united with our readers and contributors through love and will continue to build on this. We are committed to welcoming more black and indigenous artists and authors to the Blue Angel family.

We stand together with authors, artists, distributors, retailers and fellow publishers around the world against racial discrimination. Blue Angel is about embracing life, love and creativity and empowering the soul. We believe words and images can bring light, inspire peace, raise hope and spark joy. We aim to illuminate hearts and minds through beauty, art, music and wisdom, and we invite creators, authors, musicians, healers, believers and dreamers everywhere, to join us. Together, we can help make the world a better place.

— Toni Carmine Salerno